P4 Picture based Compo – 1



It was a cold and windy afternoon. The conditions are perfect for catching some delicious fish for tonight’s dinner, I thought as I stood near the pond, along with my two other siblings, Jane and Peter. We were there to do our usual thing, catching fish. It was our hobby. We love it. We would do it every Friday and every time we went back, we would have caught a meaty fish for the night’s dinner. But little did we know that this seemingly usual day would soon change all thanks to one small mistake…

“Well, shouldn’t we start now? It is almost 5 p.m.!” Jane shouted impatiently. We found a comfortable spot near the pond. Then, Peter and I went near the pond to get ready while Jane stood behind us keeping watch, her face grinning with excitement. Peter held a plastic bag while I watched out for the fish.

As they were doing so, I suddenly lost balance and fell head-first into the pond! “No!” Peter shrieked as he tried to grab hold of me, but to no avail. “Jane, go and find an adult, now!” Peter ordered. Jane ran off to find a grown-up and was soon out of sight. A few moments later, she ran back with a grown-up, only to find Peter using a short stick to grab hold of me. By then, I was shouting for help and seemed to be on the verge of drowning. The grown-up, without hesitation, jumped into the deep pond to rescue a half-submerged me, who was luckily still alive and breathing, but unconscious.

When the grown-up had rescued me out of the pond, he did CPR and first-aid on me. Gradually, I regained consciousness and managed to sit up. By then, my parents, who found out through Jane, were running towards me. We embraced for a long time. My parents went on to thank the grown-up, who was drenched from head to toe. He replied, “Sure! It is my job to help people in need!” With that, we all went back to the comforts of our own homes.

That night, my siblings told me all that had happened that afternoon. I was shocked upon learning of the situation. I could not believe that the grown-up would help me when he could have just ignored me. Until now, I am grateful to him for saving my life. It is a memory I will forever cherish.