The Helpful Boys


One windy Saturday morning, Tom and Kieran were taking a stroll to the park. On their way to the park, they saw Aunt Mary sweeping up the dead leaves at the void deck.

Aunt Mary looked exhausted from sweeping as the strong wind was blowing the leaves everywhere. Tom and Kieran decided to help her. They asked her if they could help and she agreed. Just then, the boys realized that they did not have any brooms. Tom immediately ran back home to get two extra brooms. Then he ran back to where Aunt Mary and Kieran were.

All of them started sweeping right away. It took them at least twenty minutes to sweep up the dead leaves. Once they were done sweeping, the void deck was spotless. Then, they stuffed the dead leaves into plastic bags. They used twenty bags to fill up all the dead leaves. Once they were done, they were completely exhausted. Even though they were all very tired, they still managed to tie up the plastic bags and throw them into the dustbin.

Aunt Mary thanked the boys for their help. Hearing that, the boys’ cheeks turned red with embarrassment. They bade farewell to Aunt Mary and headed for the park. As they were walking, they thought about what they had done and felt very proud of themselves.

(contributed by L.S.)