What’s Exam for?

Published by QuizRatAdmin on 20 Jul 2021


“I hope there is no exam, then I will enjoy learning more!”

When I heard this from my kids, I recall I have made exactly same comments when I was their age! Why there is exam? I couldn’t understand why such scary things exist in life! It is not until the year before my university entry exam I suddently realize I have a totally wrong idea about exams for so many years!

In summary, it is nothing but an partial indication on what I have learnt so far.

I think it is because most adults are considering exams as “important”, thus give the kids the pressure that exams are the most important things during study years. But THEY ARE NOT.

I used to cheat in some weak subjects because I wanted better marks to show to my teacher and parents, so long as I didn’t get caught I didn’t feel guity. The result is all they want to see, isn’t it! And one day I just realized that this was meaningless.

On that day I made a decision that I would no longer consider exams as important. What important is the learning process. The exam is nothing but an incomplete indication on what I have mastered, and what I have yet to master. I am going to make use of it, instead of being controlled by it.

If you are stressed by exams today, why don’t pause a bit, and ask yourself: What is Exam for? Can I make use of it, instead of being controlled by it?

I will pray for you that you will get the answer and move on with a light heart :). Exam is just exam, life is more than that.


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