Enjoy Learning Even You Don’t Like Some Subjects

Published by QuizRatAdmin on 08 Jun 2021


My girl does not like mathematics, she feels it is very hard and boring, what should she do?

This is what I read from one of the books: when you don’t like certain subjects, don’t give up learning as a whole.

I am really touched by this advice. Yes when she can’t seem to understand this subject, all she needs to do is to just admit that this topic is hard for her at this moment, and then go learn something else first, something that she is interested and good at - it may not have to be a school subject. Why, it is just to keep the habit of learning/reading with her, and it will benefit her for a long time.

So same to you. You may not like certain subjects, topics, and find it difficult. But don’t be discouraged, and don’t give up learning as a whole. It is just a small part of all the things you would like to learn. ^_^


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